good morning, tuscon

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but someday, baby
you aint gonna worry my life anymore

underclass hero
this is it. this is all i am capable of drawing right now
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my library books are overdue
tags → #stupid scaly 
in other news i apparently identify heavily with sad middle-aged samurais
please wish my dumb strawberry a happy birthday. also boots are horrible
i’m just going to draw digimon for the rest of my life because i cant draw people right anymore
tags → #pokemon:zoey 
if i think about trying to use the marker tool again for anything that isn’t coloring sloppily can someone slap me
it’s a family tradition now, jos, sorry
just kidding everything sucks
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and life’s ok, you know
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once in high school my friend tried to use swiss cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich. there was no other kind of cheese in the house. i wanted to die
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today marks the day my dwelf cleric was temporarily put in charge. so far he has shot his squad’s thief unconscious on accident, initiated a mercenary ambush, effectively lost his station’s primary suspect, crashed a cart on top of three squadmembers including himself, and also indirectly commanded a horse to run itself over
i just wanted to draw him wearing that shirt that’s all i wanted to do
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theres a reason all my characters wear converse
tags → #ripverse:aidan 

this has been my whole day today

wrong blog shut up it’s 4 am
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