good morning, tuscon

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but someday, baby
you aint gonna worry my life anymore

underclass hero
i posted this to twitter a really long time ago but i still like it because it’s stupid and is one of the few times my sorry ass drew a bg
hi, it’s been a while. have a boring headshot of a special snowflake loz fancharacter. it’s 4 in the morning.
i’m a go getter guyyyy with a gun at my hip
the fun part about ice powers is you can dump snow on anyone, any time, anywhere.
leaves the room
i fucking love greavers
in other news, alphappy is a gross furry and no one should associate with him, ever.
did i ever post the not-halloween version of this? i dont think i did. whatever. here you go
but how does he eat
and you will never have enough time
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i was staring at the ceiling earlier and i thought i could see steam rising out of my eye sockets
this is it. this is all i am capable of drawing right now
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my library books are overdue
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